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Uluru was awash after heavy rains in March

Outstation Director, Matt Ward, gave Basil a lift out to Warakurna for his recent workshops with the Western Desert Mob. On the way out of Yulara, they stopped at the Rock to see the unusual sight of water pouring off it after recent rains. It’s not all work on these workshops, although this was the first...

Mrs Golding at work on a line etching at Wanarn 2010

Mrs Carol Golding worked prolifically both at Warakurna and at “home” at the aged care facility at Wanarn, 100kms away during the WDM workshops hosted recently by Warakurna Artists and run by Basil Hall and Edwina Circuitt. Here she’s having her first go at line etching. This will be a beauty!

Ken Shepherd putting the finishing touches to a sugarlift

Emerging Warakurna artist Ken Shepherd made two beautiful sets of plates for what will be a pair of stunning colour etchings. Is is expected that these and other prints from the WDM Workshops will be launched at Nomad Art in Darwin in August during the Darwin Festival.

A thorny visitor at Warakurna

We could have made some interesting marks on a plate with this spiky little visitor, but she looked like she was pregnant, so she was carefully taken back out to a safe place away from the frantic activity at the Art Centre.

Western Desert Print Workshop 2010

Warakurna Artists was host to the long-awaited Western Desert Mob Printmaking Workshops, funded through the Australia Council for the Arts. Over a two week period, Basil and the respective Art Centre staff from Warakurna Artists, Tjarlirli Arts (Tjukurla), Papulankutja Arts (Blackstone) and Kayili Arts (Patjarr) assisted artists to draw, paint and scratch stories onto zinc...