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Fiona Hall, Jorg Schmeisser&John Wolseley at work

This termite mound has been well and truly captured from all angles. It can now be seen in various beautiful etching plates currently being drawn in Darwin at Basil Hall Editions, during a frantic 10 day period in late October. The artists are here courtesy of Nomad Art Productions, who arranged the funding and organised...

Djambawa introduces us to his country

Seen here are Jorg Schmeisser (back), Fiona Hall (hat), Djambawa Marawili and Howard Morphy during Djambawa’s generous introductory walk and talk through important burial grounds and significant sites along the beach at Baniyala. Official photographer, Peter Eve’s camera can also be spotted (and a bit of Peter).

Jorg Schmeisser arrives for the Darwin Project

Seen here welcoming Jorg Schmeisser to BHE are Mats, Rue (still here!) and Basil (about to leave). Jorg is in the NT for Nomad Art’s latest expedition and project in east Arnhem Land. He was joined by Judy Watson, Fiona Hall and John Wolseley and, together with Aboriginal art expert Howard Morphy, photographer Peter Eve,...