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Judy Watson Virginia Project continues in Brisbane

Judy Watson Virginia Project continues in Brisbane

Judy keeps tabs on Basil at Queensland College of the Arts, October 2011. QCA kindly allowed us to work together there this week to resolve the plates and make new ones to add to those Judy has just had in the USA during her residency at University of West Virginia. Although it was assessment week at QCA,...

Another shot of Basil working with Judy Watson

Inking up one of Judy’s new plates for Nomad Art’s exciting project for 2010. Thank you to Russell Craig and Jonathan Tse for allowing us once again to use QCA’s wonderful facility. (Photo courtesy of Alan Owen from QCA)

Judy Watson Heron Island Project

University of Queensland Art Museum is currently hosting an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and works on paper by Judy Watson. The work was made by Judy during a residency on Heron Island earlier this year. Twenty one etchings form part of this new body of work. Judy has collaborated with Dian Dharmansjar in Cairns to...