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Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Basil all dressed up for the opening at Rebecca Hossack Gallery in May. Basil is examining some tapestries made in Nepal to designs by Fregon and Yuendumu Indigenous artists; some of whom were also in BHE’s concurrent exhibition “Etched in the Sun”.

London Bound

Back to the blog and back in Australia after 6 weeks overseas. Here’s a picture of the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London. BHE’s exhibition filled the middle and top floors, while Australian painter Jamie Boyd was featured downstairs.

Etched in the Sun: London

“Etched in the Sun: London” is Basil Hall Editions’ latest exhibition. The exhibition, which opened in Canberra in 2008, (seen here) has been updated with exciting new prints. Work which is no longer available for sale has been removed and the most recent prints from Maringka Baker, Keith Stevens and Tjampawa Stevens from Nyapari and...

Keith Steven’s stunning new colour etching

Keith Steven’s stunning new colour etching, printed by Basil and Mats, will be seen next as part of “Etched in the Sun: London” at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, from May 21 until June 21. Basil will be going over for the show, which includes over 100 Indigenous prints from 1997-2009. 60 artists from 15 communities...