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Artists at work in the Skopelos studio

Sweden’s Mikael Kihlman and London-based Australian artist Christopher Croft set up alongside Garry Shead at tables in the printmaking room, overlooking the Aegean. Here Mikael (in the foreground) is working in diffused light on a number of small drypoints on copper plate. Chris made a series of beautiful etchings on zinc (to become an artist’s...

A message from Greece

Basil and Mats have just finished a successful fortnight on wonderful Skopelos as guests of the Skopelos Foundation, along with nine artists from Australia, England and Sweden. Garry Shead, Christopher Croft, Belinda Fox, Judy Watson, Barbie Kjar, Adam Rish, Gary Shinfield, Mikael Kihlman and Peter Sharp, accompanied by their partners and, in some cases, children,...

UK-based artist Christopher Croft at BHE December 09

Australian artist Christopher Croft, currently based in London, has spent a few days in Wet Season Darwin making the first in a proposed series of photo plate etchings from drawings on True Grain film. Here Chris and Basil study the first Bon a Tirer proof.