BHE Director, Basil Hall, has been working as a collaborating printer with artists since 1983.

For 16 years, Basil and a group of experienced printmakers were based in Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory. Together they made prints with many hundreds of artists from over 55 Art Centres in Central Australia, Arnhem Land, the Tiwi Islands and Kimberley area of Western Australia.

BHE, trading as Basil Hall Editions, has run regular printmaking workshops since 2002 at its well-equipped studio. Printers Basil, Mats Undén, Nena Zanos and Natasha Rowell also travelled monthly to remote aboriginal communities and other locations in Australia and overseas to collaborate on printmaking projects.

The BHE team, which also includes screen printer Clinton Barker, hand-prints the etching plates, paintings on acetate and wood blocks that the artists have made. These editions find their way into galleries Australia- wide and overseas too. The BHE studio has equipment for and expertise in multi-plate and photo-etching, silkscreen (water- based), relief prints (wood- and lino block prints) and collagraphs.

Adelaide artist Fiona Hall working at BHE

In late 2012, BHE relocated from Darwin to Basil’s new home in Braidwood, NSW. Basil has now begun to work with artists at the home studio and has a large Hilton press, aquatint and acid facilities and enough space for individual artists and small groups to work. Much of the other Darwin equipment has been installed in a second studio, which we have recently custom built in Canberra. This includes the silkscreen table, exposure unit, washout sink and drying rack and a relief press.

BHE wholesales prints (to galleries) and retails prints directly from the studio, at art fairs and exhibitions and on the BHE website.