Buku Larrnggay Mulka Print Space printer, Ruby Alderton, is seen here checking out one of the seven BIG prints we are currently working on with the seven Yunupingu sisters of Yirrkala/Nhulunbuy. The Seven Sisters is also a traditional creation story told in many parts of Australia. The story is based on the two constellations of stars known as the Pleiades and Orion and we have been involved in many editions of prints over the years that depict this subject matter. The seven Yunupingu women have each commenced a full 100 x 50cm etching plate and, after an initial discussion as to who would relate which part of the story, each spent last week painting or drawing onto zinc. Printers, Annie Studd, Ruby and Dhapanbal, assisted by Basil, managed a proof of each of these wonderful images by the end of the workshop, in spite of their being a regional ANKAAA meeting taking place at Buku at the same time. In fact it helped! There was lots of interest and the artists enjoyed showing the visitors from all over Arnhem Land what they do at the fabulous Print Space at Buku!