It doesn’t matter how you get there, just do it! Basil Hall and David Frazer (Victorian artist) are offering another fabulous printmaking holiday at Milos Studios on the island of Skopelos in 2017. The proposed dates are from September 4-17; later in the year than we have done in the past. It will be Autumn, the water will still be warm and the height of the tourist season will have passed. More details on the course will be posted and past attendees will be emailed to give them a chance to book early too. The fortnight will include a structured course in  etching and wood engraving , visits to local sites of interest, a day’s sailing and all the materials you need. There will still be lots of time to explore the island, swim, sleep and shop.

HOW TO REGISTER INTEREST: email Basil on There are only limited spaces, as usual.Ferries